In preparation for the March 2 by-election in Clarendon South Eastern the Office of the Political Ombudsman at the invitation of the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) will operate the Election Centre from 7am on Monday in May Pen, and will keep it open until after polls close.

The Election Centre is responsible for monitoring both electoral and political activities on Election Day. It is co-chaired by the Director of Elections at the EOJ, Mr Glasspole Brown, and the Political Ombudsman, Hon. Donna Parchment Brown. Membership includes the Jamaica Defense Force, the Jamaica Constabulary Force, The Jamaica Broadcasting Commission, the National Integrity Action, the Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches, and Citizens Action for Free and Fair Elections.

“We are prepared and ready to ensure that this by-election is free and fair,” Parchment Brown said. “We will each be in regular contact with our partners on the ground, at polling stations, and around the community to monitor activity and promote smooth, accessible voting. We want to see a day when those who will be out can exercise their right to vote or go about their business in a free and safe environment.”

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