The Hon. Donna Parchment Brown, CD. JP, Jamaica’s Political Ombudsman.

“My duty as of today is to help political candidates to fulfill their individual and organizational aspirations through adherence of law and rules of engagement to which they will give their pledge.

I stand ready to be an advocate, mediator and arbitrator for safe conduct of Jamaica’s elections and to promote as far as possible the respectful positive presentation of the candidates to Jamaica.

Chief Justice I take this moment to salute you the president and all members of the judicial branch, thank you for the dedicated service to Jamaica. I know your commitment to justice reform and delivery of a high standard of justice for all.

I salute the office of the parliamentary council, the legal reform department, the office of the director of public prosecutions, the attorney general’s department who along so many entities in the justice sector including the dispute resolution foundation, contribute with and through the ministry of justice to our national well-being; I wish you all the best.

We thank all our development partners and our diaspora for their kind interest and support for Jamaica and we know they will be looking at us as we go through this process of being a democracy.

To the JCF and to the JDF, I depend on you, as does all of Jamaica to serve and protect and reassure without fear or favor so that all of Jamaica may have confidence in all of your actions and in our sense of safety.

To the justices of the peace, thank you for the privilege of being your custos even for a short time.”

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