Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown, commends the Parliament

Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown, commends the Parliament on the development of a bipartisan committee in the face of Covid19. “We need all hands on deck. No green or orange shirts now but Jamaicans caring for one another pooling our minds and divergent ideas for good”.

Election Centre to Meet Monday, March 2 in Clarendon SE

In preparation for the March 2 by-election in Clarendon South Eastern the Office of the Political Ombudsman at the invitation of the Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) will operate the Election Centre from 7am on Monday in May Pen, and will keep it open until after polls close. The Election Centre is responsible for monitoring… continue reading

Political Ombudsman Statement on Clarendon South Eastern Incident

Both parties attended and took responsibility, Parchment Brown says. Hon. Donna Parchment Brown, Jamaica’s Political Ombudsman, issued the following statement following her meeting with individuals involved in the incident in Clarendon South Eastern last Sunday. “I held a meeting with both those directly affected and political representatives from both parties, namely People’s National Party (PNP)… continue reading

Political Ombudsman to Investigate Clarendon South Eastern Incident

A meeting is slated to take place tomorrow, Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 9am, in Clarendon, with the Political Ombudsman and those individuals involved in the violent incident that took place on February 23, 2020, that was captured on video and widely shared via social media. This meeting is part of an investigation that the… continue reading

Code Signing for Clarendon SE By-Election

Candidates for March 2 By-Election sign Political Code of Conduct Candidates for the upcoming by-election in the constituency of Clarendon South Eastern affirmed their commitment to good governance and to fair campaigning by today signing the Agreement and Declaration on Political Conduct (the Code). Messrs Pearnel Charles Jr, Jamaica Labour Party and Dereck Lambert, running… continue reading

Political Ombudsman Conducts Training with JCF

Kicking off a 2020 awareness building campaign, Jamaica’s Office of the Political Ombudsman (OPO) met today with the Jamaican Constabulary Force Liaison Officers from across the island. The JCF Liaison Officers play a key role as the OPO’s partner, investigating potential breaches of the Code of Conduct, and keeping the OPO informed of queries and… continue reading

Ombudsman Spells Out Goals for Promoting Integrity

Abuja, Nigeria (October 30, 2019). “Our Office exists so that the public can get the benefit of the resources that belong to them.” The Hon. Donna Parchment Brown talks about integrity in politics.

Youth Parliament Members Sign Code of Conduct

Montego Bay (October 18, 2019) –  All 100 members of Jamaica’s National Youth Parliament today signed the Agreement & Declaration on Political Conduct, informally known as ‘the Code,’ designed to enhance and promote standards in political life, in a ceremony presided over by Jamaica’s Political Ombudsman, the Hon. Donna Parchment Brown. The ceremony was part… continue reading

Forum of Young Leaders

On September 20, 2019 the Office of the Political Ombudsman held a meeting with 17 youth leaders from across Jamaica. Click here to see what they discussed and what they are doing about it.  

Sub-Regional Experience Sharing Workshop on Building & Sustaining National Dialogue & Peace Structures

Over the last several weeks, Jamaicans have expressed various opinions on a tweet posted by the President of the People’s National Party Youth Organization, Ms. Krystal Tomlinson, which referenced actions by Jamaica’s Prime Minister as reminding her of Hitler. Ms. Tomlinson issued an apology within hours, however, it did not find favour with the Jamaica… continue reading