Political Ombudsman Donna Parchment Brown is calling on the JLP’s Annmarie Vaz to instruct her campaign team and contributors to desist from conducting unauthorized works in public facilities in East Portland.

In a statement just moments ago, Mrs. Parchment Brown, raised concerns about certain projects being carried out in the constituency in the run up to the April 4 by-election. She says projects that began in 2018 under the Constituency Development Fund, CDF or Tourism Product Development Company, TPDCO, are allegedly being reported as being carried out by the JLP’s prospective candidate.

Mrs. Parchment Brown also points to projects being undertaken on public roadways where the contractor is reportedly doing the work as a contribution to the JLP’s candidate-elect without receiving the required permits. She is calling on Mrs. Vaz to instruct those campaigning on her behalf to cease such unauthorized activity.

Mrs. Parchment Brown is also calling on both prospective candidates and their surrogates to avoid public utterances which may breach the political code of conduct.

The Political Ombudsman says allegations have been received from both political parties regarding such utterances. This Friday will be Nomination Day for the April 4 by-election in East Portland.

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