The Agreement and Declaration on Political Conduct (the Code) is signed as a renewal of a process for political tolerance at every level. The Code governs the conduct party functionaries in and out of Election.

Through the Code, our politicians say, we know the right thing, we will try to do the right thing, we agree to be held accountable by the Political Ombudsman and to hold our team accountable when, despite our best effort, we fail, whether in or out of election time.

“The Code still leaves the power of sanctions … in political parties … a weakness […] It imposes tremendous obligation on political parties … disciplining their own”
Bruce Golding, September 20, 2005

“Let the word go out that together Political leaders in Jamaica joined hands with all out well-thinking citizens … stamp of peace, decency and respect … in the conduct of the nation’s business…”
PJ Patterson, September 20, 2005