A complaint to the Political Ombudsman may be made by any person or body of persons who claims to be affected by any action taken by a political party, its members or supporters that

a) constitutes or is likely to constitute a breach of any agreement, code or arrangement for the time being in force between or among political parties in Jamaica (i.e. The Joint Agreement and Declaration on Political Conduct)

b) is likely to prejudice good relations between the supporters of various political parties
Such complaint shall NOT be made by a local authority or a body constituted for the purposes of the public service or a local authority.

Where the complainant is a minor, the complaint may be made by his parent or guardian.

If the complainant is unable to act for himself/herself by reason of infirmity, or for any other cause or has died, the complaint may be made by his personal representative, or a member of his family, or any other suitable person.

Where the complainant is a person who is an inmate of a Government institution, the complaint shall be forwarded to the Political Ombudsman by the person in charge of the institution.

Every complaint to the Political Ombudsman shall be made in writing.


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