In seeking to advance its efforts at political engagement of the public and politicians in dialogue, the Office of the Political Ombudsman, earlier this month, hosted a team from the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Head of the Secretariat’s Good Offices for Peace Governance and Peace Directorate and her colleagues, met with the Political Ombudsman and various groups, in a series of Focus Group sessions aimed at garnering information to inform the actions of the Political Ombudsman, aimed at:

  • Reducing political conflict, including ‘public utterances’ that may divide, demean, or incite
  • Enhancing political appreciation for the benefits of consensus within a competitive environment
  • Improving policy-making and good governance; and
  • Increasing participation of women in political parties with a view to reducing conflict.

Do you know about dialogue spaces such as?

  • National Partnership Council
  • Vale Royal Talks
  • Office of the Political Ombudsman
  • Dispute Resolution Foundation – Mediations
  • PMI Interventions
  • Restorative Justice Centres
  • CDC’s, DAC’s, and PDC’s

Please name any other dialogues in Jamaica.

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