Montego Bay (October 18, 2019) –  All 100 members of Jamaica’s National Youth Parliament today signed the Agreement & Declaration on Political Conduct, informally known as ‘the Code,’ designed to enhance and promote standards in political life, in a ceremony presided over by Jamaica’s Political Ombudsman, the Hon. Donna Parchment Brown.

The ceremony was part of a four-day training session for youth organised jointly by the Ministry of Education Youth and Information, the Youth Advisory Committee of Jamaica and National Integrity Action.

“This Code is designed to set standards in politics for everyone in political life to endorse and follow,” Ms Parchment Brown noted. “We are very pleased that the youth of Jamaica – our young leaders – are making this commitment today.”

The Office of the Political Ombudsman is responsible for promoting and ensuring that standards in politics are understood and followed.  The OPO is continuing its outreach with youth groups and educational institutes to broaden awareness of its role in promoting standards in politics.  Copies of the code of conduct are available on the OPO website at

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